Emojis in Email

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Emojis in Email

What Are Emojis?

Emojis are graphical elements that can be added to text to convey meaning pictorially. Although they first appeared in SMS/text messaging, emojis are gaining popularity in the digital marketing world. In email, their inclusion in subject lines and headlines is used to make an email stand out in an inbox. Presently, there are static and animated versions of emojis.


How Does It Work?

The desired emoji is added during the email programming and set-up process. Emojis are programmed in Unicode. While nearly all email clients recognize emojis, the Unicode segment for a particular emoji will render differently across different email clients. Similarly, some email clients will display animated emojis, while others will not.

The rendering of one emoji across different clients:

So far, using emoji use is not known to trigger spam filters. We will let you know if things change in the future.


What Clients Support Emojis?

Nearly every email client supports emojis, except Outlook 2003. Surprisingly, Gmail fully supports emoji use– even animated emojis. We recommend testing before deployment to ensure the best recipient experience.


What Emojis Can I Use?

Vidi Emi clients are able to use any emojis so long as they are Unicode based. Here are examples of popular Unicode emojis:

For a full list of emojis and to see how they are rendered in each email client, please visit http://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html

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